Nyhavn 17 - København - Blækhuset
Nyhavn 17 - København - Blækhuset
Nyhavn 17 - København - Blækhuset

Nyhavn 17 - Copenhagen

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It is not difficult to understand why both tourists and Copenhageners are drawn to beautiful Nyhavn. Historically, number 17 has been home to prominent people such as folk poet Sigfred Pedersen and poet Jens August Schade, both of whom have let Nyhavn's atmosphere inspire them in their literary works. From the beginning of the 19th century until the 1970s, Nyhavn was the center for tattoo artists in the Nordic region, and the only preserved tattoo shop in Nyhavn is in the basement at number 17, where the Tattoo-Ole business is located.

The motif is hand painted by Hannah Jørgensen, who also personally signs every poster that is purchased. The motif is also found in postcards.

It is possible to purchase a quality frame in solid oak if you would like the easy solution. The frame fits perfectly for an A3 poster and has a high-quality closing system on the back, which means that the poster will not slide around when it is inserted. The frame also contains a glass plate, which together with the oak gives an elegant Nordic look. We frame the poster for you, so you don't have to think about anything else but finding the perfect place on your wall. The frame is produced in the EU and using sustainable wood.

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