Our names are Hannah and Lauritz, and we are the founders of Blækhuset. The motive for starting the page is to share the illustrations of our favorite places in Copenhagen with you all. However, it is the case with Copenhagen that new and beautiful places constantly appear that deserve to be painted. Therefore, the page will also be continuously updated with new and old motifs that help make Copenhagen such a special place.

We strive to deliver our prints in the best possible quality and at the same time take the environment into account, so that the prints are produced locally at Islands Brygge. Each and every print is created on the basis of an original watercolor painting. The process from start to finish takes many hours and begins with accurate measurement and scaling of the real motif, after which some guiding pencil lines are drawn which are then carefully filled in with water colour. In our series, it's about the quality of the content, so we don't compromise on the artistic aspect. All original paintings are painted by Hannah Jørgensen.

Blækhuset's mission is to bring poster art closer to the art category by focusing on a simple series of images with few motifs. This is not a matter of mass production, but a poster business with a focus on quality rather than quantity.

Take the brush (rather use the keyboard) and write to us what you miss in here. Copenhagen offers so many hidden oases that we need your help to bring them to light. Everyone has feelings for different areas in Copenhagen, and there will therefore be an infinite number of motives for the website. You can write to us at info@blaekhusetkbh.dk