You can contact us by sending an email to or calling us on the telephone number 30 91 25 42.

We try to keep Blækhuset simple and clear as much as possible, but should there still be nagging questions, we have compiled a list of typical questions and corresponding answers below:


Where are the posters printed?

- We use a local printing house in Copenhagen a few hundred meters from our front door, so that we can pick up new prints and postcards on foot - we think this is the most environmentally friendly.

What paper do you use?

- Our paper is FSC certified.

- The A3 posters are printed on 190g MaxiOffset, which is a piece of quality paper that gives a beautiful matte surface, where the appearance of the original is reproduced almost 1:1.

- The A6 postcards are printed on 350g MultiDesign, so they are nicely robust and can withstand both a trip in the post or attached to a gift without them easily becoming crumpled or bent.

When will new motifs come out?

- There is no better feeling than standing with a finished painting in your hand, but from the first pencil line to the last brush stroke several days can pass, since the water color ungratefully needs to dry after each layer. Hannah is alone with the production of the originals and does not want to compromise on the appearance, so we dare not promise a fixed date, but keep an eye on our social media or at the bottom of the website's front page, where you can always find and see the newest addition to the Ink House.

Can you buy a frame for your print?

- Not yet. We dream of being able to offer beautiful frames that match our motifs perfectly, but for now we can only point in other directions. The posters are in the usual size A3 and the postcards A6, so there is plenty to choose from on the market.

Can you buy the products in a physical store?

- So far, we can only be found here on our own website.